Empowerment and Spiritual Guidance Counselor Ana Maria Sanchez uses a heart-centered approach to awaken individuals and help them reach their highest potential. As a spiritual guidance counselor and Reiki Master Practitioner, Ana Maria is passionate about helping her clients discover their true self and regain their self-worth, self-esteem, and self-respect. By enriching her clients’ lives with self-love, she empowers them to replace destructive behaviors and thoughts with positive actions and beliefs that compel growth and fulfillment, while enriching their lives with contentment, truth, and harmony.

As Licensed Louise Hay Heal Your Life Educators and Workshop Facilitators, Free the Light Within incorporates the useAna Maria Sanchez - Reiki Master of positive, present-tense affirmations to facilitate goals and dreams by using the subconscious mind to bring them to fruition. Also a Reiki Master and Pranic Energy Practitioner, Ana Maria is passionate about helping people release energy blockages within their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being, allowing them to unveil and brightly shine their own unique light. This process assists individuals in their quest to detach from former negative life experiences, actions, and attitudes that have hindered their happiness and impacted their self image. The laying on of hands is an ancient healing system which taps into the wisdom of our higher consciousness (Rei) and uses the divine life energy of the universe (ki). It has been understood by many as the oneness of all that exists, an unconditional love that is filled with compassion, truth and harmony.

Ana Maria’s techniques are proven to provide spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well being. Her compassionate guidance has delivered powerful, life-changing results to hundreds who have discovered the unbridled joy and freedom of being able to Free the Light Within.